Mid Term
1. Browser is a __________ used for browsing.
A.  Tool B.  Component C.  Device D.  None of the given
2. is an application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web
A.  URL B.  Browser C.  HTML D.  Website
3. __________ is a client program that uses HTTP to make requests to Web servers throughout the internet on behalf of the user.
A.  Web Application B.  Web Browser C.  Internet Application D.  HTML
4. __________contains the name of the protocol required to access the resource, a domain name that identifies a specific computer on the internet and a pathname on the computer
5. OO software is all about __________
A.  Behaviors B.  Methods C.  Properties D.  Objects
6. Java script interact with user through______________
A.  Special control B.  Internet explorer C.  Event handlers D.  Java script does not interact with user
7. Programs that reside on Web servers and receive info that a user enters in a form, are known as:

Server-Side Scripts

B.  Client-Side Scripts C.  Super Scripts D.  Form Scripts
8. The ______ is connected to all other modules of the microprocessor.

Control Unit


Memory Unit


Floating Point Unit


Arithmetic and Logic Unit

9. WWW stands for:
A.  Wide World Web B.  World Wide Web C.  World White Web D.  World Web Wide
10. Supercomputers are used in:
A.  Weather forecasting B.  Aeroplane mnufacturing C.  Atomic bomb experiments D.  All of the given choices