1. The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels.
A.  Protocol B.  Medium C.  Signal D.  All the above
2. The information to be communicated in a data communications system is the _______.
A.  Medium B.  Protocol C.  Message D.  Transmission
3. Frequency of failure and network recovery time after a failure are measures of the _______ of a network.
A.  Performance B.  Reliability C.  Security D.  Feasibility
4. An unauthorized user is a network _______ issue.
A.  Performance B.  Reliability C.  Security D.  All the above
5. Which topology requires a central controller or hub?
A.  Mesh B.  Star C.  Bus D.  Ring
6. Which topology requires a multipoint connection?
A.  Mesh B.  Bus C.  Ring D.  Star
7. Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ______________ transmission.
A.  simplex B.  half-duplex C.  full-duplex D.  automatic
8. A television broadcast is an example of _______ transmission.
A.  simplex B.  half-duplex C.  full-duplex D.  automatic
9. _______ connection provides a dedicated link between two devices.
A.  point-to-point B.  multipoint C.  primary D.  secondary
10. . In a _______ connection, more than two devices can share a single link.
A.  point-to-point B.  multipoint C.  primary D.  secondary