1. A domain is ______ if elements of the domain are considered to be indivisible units.
A.   Atomic B.   Subatomic C.   Substructure D.   Subset
2. Identify the composite attributes
A.   Salary B.   Credits C.   Section_id D.   None of the mentioned
3. a)
A.   First B.   Second C.   Third D.   Fourth
4. If a relation is in BCNF, then it is also in
A.   1 NF B.   2 NF C.   3 NF D.   All of the mentioned
5. key attribute is functionally dependent primary key, then the relation will be in
A.   First normal form B.   Second normal form C.   Third form D.   Fourth normal form
6. If an attribute of a composite key is dependent on an attribute of the other composite key, a normalization called _____ is needed.
A.   DKNF B.   BCNF C.   Fourth D.   Third
7. a)
A.   Data dictionary B.   data repository C.   Index data D.   Metadata
8. a)
A.   Autonumber B.   Boolean C.   Sequential key D.   Sequential number
9. A dependency exist between two columns when
A.   Together they constitute a composite key for the table B.   Knowing the value in one column determines the value stored in another column C.   The table is in 3NF D.   Together they constitute a foreign key
10. In the __________ normal form, a composite attribute is converted to individual attributes.
A.   First B.   Second C.   Third D.   Fourth