1. Which one of the following is not a real time operating system?
A.  VxWorks B.  Windows CE C.  RTLinux D.  Palm OS
2. The OS X has ____________
A.  monolithic kernel B.  hybrid kernel C.  microkernel D.  monolithic kernel with modules
3. The systems which allow only one process execution at a time, are called __________
A.  uniprogramming systems B.  uniprocessing systems C.  unitasking systems D.  none of the mentioned
4. In real time operating system ____________
A.  all processes have the same priority B.  a task must be serviced by its deadline period C.  process scheduling can be done only once D.  kernel is not required
5. Hard real time operating system has ______________ jitter than a soft real time operating system.
A.  less B.  more C.  equal D.  none of the mentioned
6. For real time operating systems, interrupt latency should be ____________
A.  minimal B.  maximum C.  zero D.  dependent on the scheduling
7. Which one of the following is a real time operating system?
A.  RTLinux B.  VxWorks C.  Windows CE D.  All of the mentioned
8. VxWorks is centered around ____________
A.  wind microkernel B.  linux kernel C.  unix kernel D.  none of the mentioned
9. What is the disadvantage of real addressing mode?
A.  there is a lot of cost involved B.  time consumption overhead C.  absence of memory protection between processes D.  restricted access to memory locations by processes
10. In a real time system the computer results ____________
A.  must be produced within a specific deadline period B.  may be produced at any time C.  may be correct D.  all of the mentioned